Bring new lifestyles of health and sustainability through virtual reality.



MagicLOHAS makes it possible to make science-fiction and your dream come true. You can empower yourself with activities like real friends with you with 3D real-time interactive  very immersive experience with anyone at anytime in anyplace.


With MagicLOHAS rehab support applications, user may seek to awaken underlying capabilities of the brain in healing and reorganizing synaptic connections. Anyone can choose to take a break from real-life burdens, and disappear someplace relaxing for 5 minutes.

Easy to use

Pairing with XRSPACE standalone device with additional hands & feet trackers, experiences can be easily deployed indoors without additional setup effort. Users are equipped with the superpower of defying the limits and space and time, all can be setup in a matter of minutes, without the trouble of actually traveling there.


Employing the latest and greatest XR technology, computer vision, 5G, 3D real-time interactive and visualization of full-body avatar,  MagicLOHAS achieves a healthy life that is not limited by time and place. We offer a variety of applications from meditation, body training, brain training and more, to bring new lifestyles of health and sustainability to the mass market through virtual reality.


Charles Cheng, M.D., Ph.D.

Chairman & General Manager


Jean Mao, M.D.

Medical Consultant


Clara Huang, P.T.


Your Wellness Professionals

With a group of the most recognized medical, rehabilitation, sports, mental training experts, MagicLOHAS enables practices of relaxation, physical and psychological wellbeing and self-awareness, transforming it into a means capable of encouraging the emergence of healthy feelings and atmospheres of peace and relaxation. That unique quality has a significant effect on the brain and body. Add an extra dimension to wellbeing.


Jason Wu, P.T.



Wesley Chu, O.T.



James Mao


"LOHAS is a way of lifestyle that promotes a healthy way of living and appreciation of nature."

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